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Louisiana Business Licenses: Everything You Need to Know

It can seem daunting, the process of cutting through all the red tape to get your business up and running legally. It is even more frightening to think that your business can incur great amounts of fees or even be shut down due to improper licensing and registration. That is why we are here to help you. At Heritage, we will get your registration and licensing accomplished correctly, timely, and on budget. 

There are federal, state and parish governmental authorities involved in opening a business. Some steps include:


  • Filing for a Federal Employment Identification Number with the IRS

  • Registering your company with the Secretary of State

  • Registering your Trade Name, if applicable, with the Secretary of State

  • Obtaining a Zoning Verification Letter

  • Applying for an Occupational License in the Parish where the business operates (this step involves several steps depending on (1) the nature of the business and (2) the Parish)

  • Registering for Sales Tax Account and Employment Related Tax Accounts

  • Registering for specific Licenses/Permits - including Liquor, Tobacco, Gaming (Orleans Gaming Link), Live Entertainment, Mobile Vendor, etc.

  • May include fingerprinting and State Police Background Check

  • Various fees apply to each governing authority

For this particular service, we limit our geographical scope to Orleans Parish and Jefferson Parish.

We look forward to assisting you build your business.

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