It's Your Legacy


New Orleans lives and breathes change as much as it does preservation. The city is most remarkable in that way. It preserves and cherishes its past, but it also vigorously embraces its future. Simply put, so do we. We believe that to be the very best, we must utilize the technological tools of our generation, while also remembering what truly matters - people.

At the time of Heritage Title Group's creation, the Greater New Orleans area had a need for a different type of title company, a title company that intensely focuses on the customers' experience and satisfaction, as opposed to catering primarily to lenders, market leaders, and the overall demands of the real estate industry.

Our Heritage


How are we different? We put people first, always. After all, it is your financial investment on the line, your name going on title, and your legacy at work. Over the last couple decades, the title company industry has become so bogged down with federal rules and regulations that many title companies have forgotten why we do what we do; we close real estate transactions for people, for our community, and for the prosperity of the community as a whole.


While Heritage Title Group, LLC remains fully compliant with all applicable rules and regulations, we put YOU first, and that is how it should be. 

Treating You Like Family

When people are buying or selling a home, it can become a very stressful endeavor. A home is usually the biggest financial investment in a person's life. Thus, we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that transactions go as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible.


To accomplish this, we stay in consistent communication with you and all parties to a transaction, use top of the line industry leading technology, only employ people who have a genuine passion for our line of work, and strive to treat you like family. In fact, do not be surprised when you arrive to your closing and are greeted with hot chicory coffee and a delicious spread on the conference table. Our goal is to make the closing process a seamless and an enjoyable experience.