Why are millage rates important?

Millage rates determine how much you will pay in property taxes. Parish and city millage rates may change each year, which is why your tax bill may increase even if your property’s assessment value has not increased. 


What is the difference between parish property tax and city property tax?

Some parishes, like Orleans, only have parish property tax. However, some cities have their own property taxes, such as Kenner, Harahan, Covington, and others, which are in addition to the parish property taxes. See the charts for more information.  Calculate your property tax here: 


Do I qualify for any exemptions or freezes?

Maybe! Some available Exemptions/Freezes include: (a) Homestead Exemption for primary residences (reduces assessed value by $7,500); (b) 100% Disabled Veterans Exemption; (c) Age Freeze (65+, income restriction); (d) Disability Freeze; and (e) Non-Profits. Call our office for more details. Click HERE for more information.


When will my property be reassessed? 

The Louisiana Constitution requires the Assessor to review the value of all properties in a parish at least once every four years. That being said, when you buy property, the assessor will usually “pick up the sale”, which means the new assessment value will be based on your purchase price of the property. 


Will my taxes increase the same year I buy my property?

It depends on the time of year you bought the property. If you bought the property when the tax rolls were still open (early in the year), then the assessor will very likely pick up the sale for the current tax year. If you buy the property when the tax rolls have closed (late in the year), then the assessor will likely not pick up the sale until the following tax year.

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