Tax Sales

​We insure Tax Sale Titles

The truth is, only a few Title Companies insure tax sale titles, and Heritage Title Group is one of them.

Few title companies insure tax sale titles because these properties carry risks associated with a lack of proper notice to the tax sale debtor. This risk stems from constitutional principals of law, which state that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. What this translates to in the context of tax sales is that:


In order for a tax sale to be 100% valid, with ZERO RISK for a title insurer, the tax sale debtor must have received proper notice that their property would be sold at the tax sale (certified mail with signed returned receipt), prior to the tax sale.​

Do not worry. Heritage Title Group attorneys assess the risk associated with the notice issues on your particular property, and we will let you know if title insurance can be issued. If the risk is low, and adequate notice has been accomplished before or even after the tax sale, Heritage Title Group will be able to insure your title. Each property is a analyzed on a case-by-case basis, so know that if you are interested in insuring a Tax Sale title, Heritage Title Group will protect you and inform you every step of the way.

To insure the tax sale title, certain endorsements to the title policy must be purchased. If you would like a free quote, contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Louisiana's tax sale system is not perfect; however, Heritage Title Group believes in this process when it is executed properly. Acquiring title through tax sale allows blighted, forgotten properties to be placed back in commerce and brought to their highest and best use. 


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